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Meadow, tree and ant

A piece inspired and performed in el prat de Lleone (Lleone’s Meadow), as part of the first Aplec Saó, (an outdoor sculpture and art gathering) organised by the Centre d’Art i Natura of Farrera.
The piece is in two parts: one entitled Meadow, lasting ten minutes, and the second, entitled Tree, lasting eight minutes. It could be adapted to other similar places, with the content and structure varying according to the characteristics of the situation and the season of the year.

Like a very small ant I move through the meadow, often just watching, but even so I travel very far, and as I move I look around and listen for you. This world is so enormous………. And I tell myself “not everything has to have a meaning”. The wet grass awakens my feet to movement and the fertile earth of the mountains speak of feminity. I am a red ant. I envy how ants move through the tree, full of determination. Are they aware of the height they are at, of the vertical space beneath them? That entrances me…The tree stands firm and holds them; what myriad paths its branches trace! The leaves are turning yellow and the fruits are already ripe. I want to be among them!


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